Lumps & Bumps

   Lumps & Bumps

Wrinkles, lines, ache this, pain that;
Then the lumps, perplexing bumps
From nowhere, showing, growing,
Coming and not going.
You think cancer, other
Causes: worry, costs and doctors,
Signs and trends!
Will they never end?
Changes down there:
Sour, cowardly –
Unsightly forms informing us
Of beauty’s loss, of songs unsung,
Boss death and wretched other wrongs.
Lumps and bumps which must mean something;
Nature’s drowsing, rousing, – dousing.
Sousing us with vinegar.

Lumps & Bumps 5.29.2016/revised 5.11.2020/re-revised4.21.2021
Circling Round Ageing; Birth, Death & In Between II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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