The Most Wonderful Theory Ever Had

The Most Wonderful Theory Ever Had;
(and most important poem I’ve ever written)

There is a prefix: ‘pan-‘ whose meaning is,
The all-inclusive.
As opposed to exclusivity: –
A word and world in which we live
Mostly wired to omission, opposition.
All we do and all we see.

Ah, but no!
A model mathematical
Backed up by physics theoretical
Is “panpsychism”.*

In the knowledge and the wisdom
Of existing men and women
Is the doctrine and belief that all material,
However small,
Has element (or elements) of individual
Awareness, consciousness, alertness,
Sensitivity to goings on…ad infinitum.
I’m in heaven!

You and me, us and we
Connected by vibrations deep, deep, deep
Within all brains;
Small, small tubules in the neurons
And the structure of all space:
The cosmos, matter, galaxies…
Implications way beyond the mathematic.
I’m ecstatic!

Connections inter-, intra-; info-
Shared at the most basic level;
Integrated consciousness.
I’m in bliss!

Nothing separate, uninfluenced, un-influencing.
If you knew down to the bone
How very much you’re not alone
How would you hone your ‘now’ decisions
Woven into every structure of existence!

*the doctrine or belief that everything material, however small, has an element of individual consciousness.

The Most Wonderful Theory Ever Had 4.27.2021 Circling Round EverythingII; Arlene Nover Corwin

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