A Picture Of The Whole

Taking it from my previous poems: from the sublime to the ridiculous

  A Picture Of The Whole
  (a sense of the ridiculous)

It all makes sense when you can see
A picture of the whole.
One can use a camera or computer…
Any little digital –
Things designed to make things clearer.
Daughter tries to make things heard:
This goes here and why and where…
She is an expert and a nerd.

Nothing sticks
Until one day
I get my kicks because
It clicks!
I’ve had a flash of that or this.
Nothing big, but nothing beats
What you can sink your teeth into.
Quelle relief!
A bit of grief is gone and folded
Once you’ve gotten hold of concepts old and true,
But finally and wholly new
To former ignoramus you.

A Picture Of The Whole 4.29.2021 A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Arlene Corwin Nover

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