Delving Into Life’s Significance

Poetry is wonderful. Lying here and this came out.

Delving Into Life’s Significance

In silence or with voice;
To reach spirit or relax,
Using any means that works
To fix the mind is meditation.

Not heroics or polemics,
Not mechanics or semantics:
Any means to coax a mind
To find more than it knows itself.
Something far, yet in itself.
A focussing that brings to life
A state normally hidden
And unbidden.

You can speculate yourself to death,
Still not have breadth;
Think, reflect, deliberate,
Ruminate and contemplate .
Still not ‘get it’.
There’s an ‘it’ that has no plot
One day ‘it’ just shows up.
You know more than you knew before
You find a ‘you, not shown before.
You’re where you are.
And happier.

There is a word ‘sublunary’
Which means those who are ‘worldly,
Which, in turn, means most of us.
Then there are those whose tendency
Is numinous –
A living in not of the world:
A flag unfurled.
To them the stanzas up above
Are relevant enough to prove
There is a better way to live,
To solve, evolve and delve
Into existence and its meaning.

Delving Into Life’s Significance 5.5.2021 Circling Around Everything Ii; Circling Around Experience; Arlene Nover corwin

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