It’s Easier To Tell The Truth

It’s Easier To Tell The Truth
(Than Tell A Lie)

It’s easier to tell the truth
Than tell a lie.
That is why
Each syllable is poe-try;
Examining a prefix, suffix
To a-fix an honesty
Found bound inside.

With hours of refinement,
Its defining of identity:
(For what else is there
But to find out who we are?)
Glacial faults, deep and broad;
Small conversions to the good;
Youth and growth to wrinkled age –
Weak > strength >, courage:
A corsage of fortitude.

And the insight that
It’s easier to bathe in facts
Than drown in lies.
Hence the art of poe-tizing,
Its requiring and sacrificing youth and froth
To new found truth(s)

It’s Easier to Tell The Truth 5.5.2021 Definitely Didactic II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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