Planet Tellus

   Planet Tellus*

The planet wants to tell us
With its principles and measurements,
Apportioned out by nature’s sense,
Balanced and divided, its intents
To boost and serve,
Its animating force give verve
To planet X we know as Earth
Its birth, its ageing, death and worth.

Planet Tellus, Tellus Mater
Molten iron at its core;
Years in zillions boring into
Multiverse of multi-stars;
Solar systems, massive quasars.
All around, exo-tic planets not yet found,
Members of their own sun’s orbit;
Grasp of numbers too profound –
Four or forty-thousand thousand more…

Super telescopes that probe,
Piercing the sky-filled fluff
With mirrored hope.
Gaseous dusts that stuff the ‘skies’ –
(‘sky’ a word to pluralise)

Celestial bodies shoot, reboot
With non-robotic loyalty to nature’s tootle:
Glimpsed effects, with un-glimpsed causes;
Mystic black & floor-less holes
Imploding and devouring,
Scouring ageing, failing stars for flaws.

Gallant planets Them and Us:
Existence by persistence for existence!
Black holes open endlessly
To start a new infinity – oxymoronically.

*Tellus: Planet Earth
Planet TellUs 1.6.2021revised 6.12.2021Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Nature II;

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