Sounds Of Pleasure

   Sounds Of Pleasure

I made a few of those this morning.
Made some yesterday.
“Umm” and “Oh”, and “Wonderful”!
Worldly, fleshly. In-the-moment-spontaneity
Whose meaning is a song or poem
Honouring “the bridal chamber”.
Such a place to spawn a claim for,
Hatch a name for.
Magical, delightful!

There are endless episodic exploits,
Chapters, sets of circumstance,
Variations on all things contributing.
Versions of existence that have pleasure as their ground:
Boundless pleasures that assure
The welcoming that life insures:
Music, seasons, sex and motion
Resonating observation,
Catching hold of all and each;
All the senses’ wheels and gears;
All the processes on offer.

Sounds that go into our galaxy,
The galaxies, there to please
And gratify.
Sounds Of Pleasure 6.10.2021 Circling Round Experience; Circling Round Everything II; Arlene Nover Corwin

noun (plural epithalamiums or epithalamia | ˌɛpɪθəˈleɪmɪə | )
a song or poem celebrating a marriage.
epithalamic | ˌɛpɪθəˈlamɪk | adjective
late 16th century: via Latin from Greek epithalamion, from epi ‘upon’ + thalamos ‘bridal chamber’.

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