Making Use Of Scraps

  Making Use Of Scraps 

Bookmarks all,
My scraps consist of paper.
(i cannot throw a thing away)
Chanced on today,
One that read, “We grope for all we hope for,
Never stopping…” “That is worth the copying” I thought.
So here I sit,
Hoping something gold will come from it;
A poem, a tome perhaps.
The thinking never stops.
Morning’s coffee, bread, cheese culprits.
(Energy, you know, the key).

With nought to write about,
But trusting something ought come out
From streams of consciousness.
The trove of rich experience,
Intuition’s secret knowledge always there,
Never gone, ever growing.
Past, a storeroom and a flowing of
Idea combined with
Form, control and discipline,
Rhyme and reason skeleton.

What a mix, this bunch of tricks
More meditative than one thinks.
(In jazz) to play some licks:
Condensed from motif’s genesis;
Enriched by soloist, his gift to improvise.

Same here: theme near, cell’s main member:
Now if I can just remember…
Ah yes, making use of scraps;
Treasured fragments oddments, remnants;
Bits and pieces of one’s genius.

Rubbish, litter, wasted matter – scraps are not!
Scraps are: individual as sunlight’s glitter.
There, It’s out!
From horse’s, my own mouth to yours
With hope it doesn’t bore, but bores
Its way into some part
Of reached, enriched intelligence
And your collective heart.

Making Use Of Scraps 6.11.2021 Pure Nakedness II; Circling Round Experience; Circling Round Everything II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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