Our Friend Erna

An expression of the loss in some way. It’s such a painful challenge: how to grieve.

Our Friend Erna

A testimonial reminder
And plain statement:
Way to not forget
The person who was dear to us,
Whose leaving we regret
With tears we have no way of showing.
Erna’s going unsuspected,

Dear Erna’s in eternity.
Every memory we have intact:
Lunches, visits overnight;
Our attempts at writing
What we hoped would be
The greatest ever deckare!
How we laughed
At what we could, could not achieve,
Half believing what we wrote.
Erna, taking careful notes.
Eie’s vote imperative.

We mustn’t leave out Eie,
Erna’s most beloved husband.
Eie/Erna two-in-one.
A complement from start to end,
She never quite got over.
Now it’s Erna,
Joined perhaps with her dear lover.

With no place to send this
And no way to end this
There is but to say,
We’ll miss you.

Our Friend Erna 5.16.2021/6.11.2021 Love Relationships II; Birth, Death & In Between III; Arlene Nover Corwin

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