It’s Easier To Tell The Truth/Say Yes

 It’s Easier To Tell The Truth 
      (Than Tell A Lie)

It’s easier to tell the truth than tell a lie.
That is why each syllable is poe-try;
Examining a prefix, suffix to a-fix
An honesty bound bound inside.
With hours of refinement,
Its defining of identity:
(For what else is there
But to find out who we are?)
Glacial faults, deep, broad;
Conversions to the good;
Youth and growth to wrinkled age –
Strength, courage,
A corsage of fortitude
And insight that
It’s easier to bathe in fact
Than drown in lies.
Hence the art of poe-tizing,
Sacrificing youth and froth
To new found truth(s)
It’s Easier to Tell The Truth 5.5.2021 Definitely Didactic II; Arlene Nover Corwin

 It’s So Much Easier With Yes

It’s so much easier with yes than no.
One doesn’t often think so
When at times, one has to put aside,
And childlike, give up one’s pride and preference.
So, depending on the mood, it’s but to choose
Until the saying yes becomes a habit.
Grab it!
When you understand you cannot lose,
Truth’s proof within the pudding,
Let yes be the budding.
Test it!
Acquiescence and compliance;
Sweet docility and pliability –
Not necessarily passivity
For yes must sometimes become no.
In time you know when it is so
And rest in it.
It’s So Much Easier With Yes 6.10.2019revised 6.11.2021 Definitely Didactic; Arlene Nover Corwin

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