Tail But Not the End

  Biography In Verse 2014

What a way to hide: a life in meter.
Details you might choose to lose,
Conceal under bedclothes;
Essential to your memory,
For you to see inside the eye of memory:
Neckerchief presented by an ardent student:
Dedicated, grated and appreciated;
Compliments from lovers long, long years ago;
Facts ashamed or guilty of;
Events repressed that once were truth,
Belonged to youth,
Almost buried.
Then comes rhyme
To bring the time out into daylight,
Clarified and universal –
Life’s approving praise in verse.
One may elect to write in code,
Record the Brooklyn streets one strode,
The lost rewards shrouding the days –
Rosebud days of silent angst,
The crude, nude, many hued inquietude
of men withstood;
All of that in meter underscored. 
Biography In Verse 4.1.2014 (started11.12.2012) revised/6.12.2021 Pure Nakedness II;Arlene Nover Corwin

 Tail But Not The End 2021

I read the verse written above;
So very strange to see the date;
Life’s summary continues without waiting –
Carried on, dissolved, evolved –
Ever moving while resolving.
Suturing each thought to deed,
One takes action,
Each act leading toward a future
Sanctioned by the laws above:
Hope & goodness, global love prioritised.
One hopes but does not know.
The tail ends but not the tale,
For everyone who’s seen the show
Or sung the song
Knows that the ‘show goes on’…and on…and on.
Tail But Not The End 6.12.2021 Pure Nakedness II; Autobiography; Arlene Nover Corwin

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