(I’m) Always Only Giving Tips

 (I’m) Always Only Giving Tips

That’s all I do
From what I’ve learned,
From what I know:
For I is alway we is you.
Yes, ‘you’ -niversal,
All of this rehearsal
In a kind of way.
I seldom know what I shall say
Moment to moment,
Trusting that a motive pure,
Will yield a sure thing in the end,
The art from aptitude, a blend
Of intellect and willingness to share
Whatever’s there
In mind and soul.
Intention always to make us whole,
The common goal of mankind.
Word ‘mankind’ intended for the kind man
Or at least to make man kind.

(I’m) Always Only Giving Tips 6.16.2021 Definitely Didactic; Circling round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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