Why Is God Called God?

  Why Is God Called God?

Why must He or It have name?
He has lots and lots of fame,
And fame requires language
For the simple sake of verbiage
( it can’t be fame, without a ‘name!’)

When bother saying Father;
For that matter mother, any other…?
It’s a force of course, but what?
The best expression is a THAT:
A prime, primeval THAT.

Noah came to Ararat
Because he plainly obeyed THAT.
Why give a word to things unheard?.
The answer lies
In human needs to anthrpomorphize*
To surmise, sense, theorise
Identify with qualities
From self to entities.

We have no language to express
The best, the most, the first, the highest.
(Wow! inadequate to say the least)
Just alphabetic, possibly numeric signs
To share a find yet undefined.
But it must do until, unless
You have experience
Of knowing in your person
Om Tat Sat* or THAT.

Why Is God Called God? 6.13.2021 God Book II; Arlene Nover Corwin
**”Om Tat Sat” is the eternal sound-pranava. “Om Tat Sat” represents the unmanifest and absolute reality. By the word “reality”, here it means total existence. We may even use the word God, reality, existence, Parbrahma or the absolute, all are synonymous terms pointing to one being.
*anthropomorphize;*the attribution of human characteristics or behaviour to a god, animal, or object.

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