Ideas From Out The Blue

This was a hard thing to tackle, but it came to something – as ideas hopefully do.

Ideas From Out The Blue

From the Greek ‘idein’ to Latin
Into English from the base idea ‘to see’:*
To see form, a pattern -Ideationally,
Concept, poet of view.
A lightening bolt invisible,
From out the blue.
Much more complex than one might think;
Abstract and vague: an inkling
Of a thing to follow.
Something hollow to be filled.
How to define a word
That is a mine of jewelled nuance.
Intangible as scent and fragrance
With no substance
But awaiting form’s advantages;
Potential without hue
Sitting, waiting to be used,
Then coming right out of the blue –
For you, dear reader, you!
Ideas From Out The Blue 6.15.2021 Circling round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin
*late Middle English (in idea (sense 3) ): via Latin from Greek idea ‘form, pattern’, from the base of idein ‘to see’

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