Fractal Me In Broccoli

a curve or geometrical figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole. They are useful in modelling structures (such as snowflakes) in which similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales, and in describing partly random or chaotic phenomena such as crystal growth and galaxy formation.

  Fractal Me In Broccoli

I’m picturing a broccoli.
Through my eyes
I see its patterned properties;
It is an fractal visionary,
A fractal victory,
Fractal that it is.
Growing inwards, birthing samenesses,
Breaking into images:
Twins and twins…which take on forms,
Continuing complexities in fractal norms.
Where you, we all, are one-derfully projected.
On it goes to things-to-be
With more and more complexity.
The broccoli image of importance,
Filling in the cracks of ignorance,
Fractals salient and radiant.
Fractal Me In Broccoli 8.3.11 / re-written 6.22.2021 Revelations Big and Small; Circling Round Reality; Circling Round Science; Arlene Nover Corwin

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