Words & Marriage

Writing everyday, as I do, I write down and build on any thought, (however transitory) that catches me, all being a pleasurable etude-inal learning process. Themes differing, but always a personified thread underlying, it all ends up feeling authentic, both artistically and philosophically.

               Words & Marriage
       Word Paralysis: Stunted Growth

Couples do it all the time:
Talk in phrases long cliched by platitude,
Staled attitude.
They stop communicating
(except perhaps when fornicating),
Do not learn,
Phrases the same,
Repeated at each meal, each film;
Missing out on IQ raising conversation
Real communication
Worn or lost in years or habit.

Stock of’ words inadequate.
They’ve learned to neither listen
Nor to pay attention,
Stopping up their listening ears
Through years of word paralysis.

When deafness real
Strikes one or other,
Talk a task, talk in a casket,
Talk an effort, oft’ a bother,
Communication out the window,
What to do?
Partnership and marriage
Is a dance for two,
Word renewal gemlike jewel.

When words no longer stir or spur.
A sentence or a word ignored,
Love goes sneaking out the door.
Words&Marriage 6.20.2020/revised 6.24.2021 Love Relationships II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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