Midsummer Day’s Acceptance

      Midsummer Day’s Acceptance

All the Swedes are happy on Midsummer’s Day
(which Swedes observe the day before).
They celebrate by dancing, joking, playing.
Drinking – anything but thinking deeply.
Being normal and adaptable, I join in.
But deep inside, aside from fun,
I’m underwhelmed.

Days minimally shortened from now on: darkened, colder,
Me myself, by November x months older.
Yes, the rest are loving it.
My thinking is above it.
But, as said adaptable and pliable.
It’s undeniable, unmodifiable,
So I accept the din
And, once again, join in.

Midsummer’s Day Acceptance 6.24.2021 Swedish Book II; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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