(A bitty, kind of witty, gritty ditty)

Take every word I say: play with it.
Every word you say: stay with it.
Key to this city:
When necessary, do things over.
Tolstoy, never wavering,
Wrote War & Peace” – forever fervour-ed.
Sundry samples and examples,
Authenticity the target.
Know yourself and work it out
Repeatedly, so you can say,
“It’s I, it’s me!”
For ‘I is me’ is all required,
All that’s been acquired
Weaving, sieving and delivering your destined star:
The whole percent of all you are:
Authenticity the city.

Authenticity 6.27.2021 Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover corwin

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