The Question Of Expanding Tastes

The Question Of Expanding Tastes

I saw a film from eighty something;
Saw how much my tastes were then.
Surprised, amazed, was I so different?
So sure then of preferences,
What I liked, what turned me on.
Now, thirty something years have gone,
And stuff that makes me cry from beauty
I thought then was bad or ugly.

What is growth, how, why is change?
The thing unanswerable;
One’s range increases, tastes expanding
While the rest inside contracts,
The processes are never landing.

The theme of change will always be
A stickler for the likes of me.
To question, be reminded of,
To ultimately greet, receive.
Happenings which every second,
Subtle as the air around.
Are constantly inconstant, hounding some,
Ignored by others.

Blending, mingling, integrating,
Merging and consolidating…
All combined to sway my tastes
The day I noticed how the fates
Had taken hold. How I enjoyed
The art today which I avoided yesterday.

The Question Of Expanding Tastes 6.27.2021 Vaguely About Music II; Circling Round Everything II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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