Right This Minute

  Right This Minute

Here’s a hard one:
Choices – are we making them?
You bet we are!
Each nano part of part
To benefit or not.
And so, we owe it to our heart
To choose contentment just as if
The choice was chief:
The greenest leaf!

Whatever happens is for us.
When we are at our best, our worst
If we assume that we come first
Then worst turns into what is best,
Existence taking lead each moment.

Choosing happiness and cheerfulness
Is, yes, you guessed it:
An investment and a blessing.

It’s a paradox and oddity. absurdity and mystery –
We seem to choose, but it may be
An incongruiitous anomaly,
Choices made for us
By genes and aptitudes and likings thus.
Yes, there is luck and twists of fate;
To act, to wait, and when to bait
The who and what,
And when to strike, when to chime…
Choice: contentedness each time.

Right This Minute 7.4.2021 Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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