Teflon Brain

         Teflon Brain

My friend has flypaper brain.
All and every sticking indiscriminately.
Damn, he’s lucky!
My brain is teflon.
Taking in and I, a moment thinker,
Scores but stores a moth brain’s length.
Is it focus that’s at fault?
(is it strength?)
I’d hate to think I was or am more superficial
Than most people,
Not retaining a remaining name after
Minutes listening, hearing, speaking, sharing;
Brain tefloning, and though straining,
Clearly draining agencies of memory.

Slippery, slide-y, fragile tissues,
Synapse, neuron, learned, sage
Obeying age and its own issues,
One feels caged, unpleasant,
The present not at all a present,
Present almost all the time
In every type of of situation
Where the stipulation
Called for is remembrance,
The Teflon’s side a slide-y non-stick king.

Teflon Brain 7.10.2021 A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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