Death From Natural Causes

You read that so-and-so “died of natural causes”.

Death From Natural Causes

Is there any such thing as
Death whose cause is natural?
Natural? Gadzooks, what’s that?
Ordinary? everyday? routine? inbuilt?
Reasonable? logical?
Unsurprising and to-be-expected?

One expects so, since it happens.
Thus, by definition all diseases –
Co-vid: epi- and pandemics:
Borne by, of & in those aches
That overtake, break in…
They lie in nature,
Die from causes that rely
On nature’s triflings.

Having said which, I maintain that
Every cause, though caused by nature
Is un-gradable & out of order;
Crude, right wicked, with no gain;
Unconcerned and inhumane –
With no redeeming single feature
In the death of any creature;

Death From Natural Causes 7.11.2021 Life,Death&InBetween III; Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Nature II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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