From Now On

    From Now On

Age, Its new formations;
Seen reflected when these eyes
Unclose and criticize in sympathy,
I.e. the me, this day and every day
When forearm, tricep, bicep
Hangs a bit, skin covering it,
Kiio weights kept on the floor
An aid no more.
Cosmetic harmony belittled,
(Though not fatal)
Strength losing battle.
Drawing on word-endings sounding -ee,
Like ‘bloody’ and ‘biodegradability’.

From Now On11.16.2006/re-done 4.11.2021/re-redone 7.15.2021 Birth, Death & In BetweenIII; Pure NakednessII; Circling Round Ageing/Woman/Nature; Arlene Nover Corwin

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