(There’s) Always Something Original to Say

Sometimes I get so enthusiastic about what I’ve written I put it out into the world much, much too quickly.  Shame on me!  Vanity? Impatience? Lack of impulse control? Who knows if the is the final draft!  In any case, I still like the theme. 

(There’s) Always Something Original To Say
(re-thought, re-worked, re-worded)

There’s always something original to say —
No matter what, grist-for-the-mill
To think about, interpret, analyze,
Philosophize, project your one-off self to take and make
A substance out of nothing.
(There is nothing that’s not something. )

All that’s wanted is a looking;
Outward, inward, spotting
What the eye, ear, mouth, tongue, touch –
Any such that grabs you,
Taking hold,
Sense’s folded into preferential brain.
Let it begin:

The world of mind the biggest bargain;
Free to use, to think about and share,
It always being there
To take in, give back in word-works of art;
Smart, from intellect and heart
That no one else has ever had,
Nor will.

You will see your attitudes come through;
Priorities, the deepest you.
The truth come forth as you perceive it
To become what you conceive
From largest issue to the tissue thinnest subject:
Original will aways be subjective!
(There’s) Always Something Original To Say7.18.2021Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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