Dear Atoms

 Dear Atoms

Dear atoms,
Will you be my happy, healing little friends,
Synthesising, harmonising
Always in my favour?.
It is you I savour.
Will you be my saviour?

Clever little molecules!
When my will is working well
And I take time to talk to you,
You respond.
I’m conscious you don’t mind
Because you are my mind!

Minute and welcoming,
Tiny power-filled atomic thing;
You inner sanctum’s microcosm
In the bosom of my heart
With influence immeasurable;
Moving steadily from job to job,
Your energy the heart-throb of existence,
If I can just absorb your sense
I can grow or glow.
Thankful that you’ll never go away
But stay as long as I do.
Dear Atoms 7.23.2021 Nature Of &n In Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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