Today is my son Jonathan’s 65th birthday. Yes, 65!
Two years past: amputation.
Two years on: celebration.
Life’s unexpected dyings down and showings up.
To laugh and sup,
Drink the cup of Jonathan,
His thriving life, his gorgeous wife,
Money coming in each day,
New bride’s father filled with laughter,
Proud to give away his daughter,
To her loving Daniel,
Their arrival into wedded bliss:
Two coinciding festivals of happiness!
My clever, much loved, only son!
May this July
Bring still more jackpots by and by
The leaven
In this bread
That leads to sixty-six, then sixty-seven…
On to eight, nine…, hundred ‘eleven!
(Why not?)
Celebration 7,24,2021 Birthday Book; Arlene Nover Corwin

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