Global Priorites #2

Throw out the first version! Too hasty, too impulsive, too vain!. Tsh, tsh!

Still In save-the-world global mood, mending mind, mode.

Global Priorities #2

Continual expanding growth
Must, by definition fall,
At the very least, come to a halt.
The fault? The law of things.
Expansion and contraction
As a sawing saw, a sometime claw;
Societies, technologies,
Yearnings, earnings…
Do not bear imagining.

Nature doesn’t give a damn,
Acting from, on gram for gram,
Dram for dram, its drama sown.
No phenomenon goes on,
Grows on and on for good.
Things alter every second,
Self taking after self first-hand,
One thing that must never falter,
Is the sustenance, the maintenance.
Health servicing the brain.

Things do improve, (for we’re inventive).
Mankind has ingrown incentive.
For example, take this poll:
Which of you would waive
The toilet bowl,
Toilet paper on a roll?
The flushing water?

Yet we slaughter one another,
Brother, sister, cow and fowl;
Shrug off what must surely follow,
Gratifying here and now;
Fracturing law’s primal cause:
Peace on earth, good will to beings
To insure the human race has a place
Absolutely every place.

Global Priorities 7.22.2021 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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