Fame Examined & Exposed

   Fame Examined & Exposed

I see names,
Their claim to fame
The city, country, world they live in,
Showbiz, authorship et al,
In the end, a sinking ship,
The being known no crown
But short-loved, short-lived memory;
Fancied substance
Made of velvety impermanence.

There may be twenty second’s influence;
Prestige and rank that wields sway.
Believe me when I say:
It doesn’t stay.
It goes away.
Folk forget you ever were:
Who you were!

One’s seen it time and time again.
The handsomest, the smartest men –
You just can’t call to mind,
Put a name to, place the face.

In the name of edifying information,
Pay not one bit of attention
To the idiot temptation
To make fame a focal aim
It, a shameless, meaningless ambition.
Shallow be, not hallowed be
The name of fame.
Fame Examined & Exposed 7.26.2021 Definitely Didactic;; Arlene Nover Corwin

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