Vanity Reflected On Once More

    Vanity Reflected On Once More

(Sorry. It’s one of those long ones again)

Oh, so subtle! Far from lexicon’s description.
It may well fit definitions: hubris, narcissism, self-love’s admiration,
Self-obsession, self-absorption;
Egotism, egoism, self-regard, ostentation;
Arrogance, pretension and display;
Viewing self excessively.
Most of all, an over-estimation of their need to be –
Types that do not show,
That we don’t know, don’t see
Hidden self-idolatry.
One of seven deadly sins: fruitless, empty.
Vanity: it lurks, it lures, assuring us
We’re loved, accepted and respected.
Never does it tell us that it needs correcting,
We, accepting it as simply ‘us.’
Sages, writing thus,
Warning of its nature and a falsely hallowed stature;
Short-term springtime beauty,
Tuned to death’s undying destiny.

Look into your Self on planes you most deny,
Ask what and why… You may uncover vanity.
Regrettably, I know I do. It’s there like air.

Not easy to weed out, get rid…
Its power is to do its bidding;
Subtly hidden,
Innocent activity oft’ tainted.
Maybe I should toss my warpaint:
Lipsticks, lipgloss, blushers, powders,
Kohl, eye-shadows and concealers.
(What the deuce am I concealing,
Not revealing to the world?)
Mostly why?
Our inner selves are unified.
Why this need for silly pride!
Are we all born vain-ified?

Vanity Reflected On Once More 7.27.2021 Circling Round Vanities II; Definitely Didactic II; Arlene Nover Corwin



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