Mama Blackbird Feeds Her Six

  Mama Blackbird Feeds Her Six

Seldom does one have the chance
To see such offering.
Mama blackbird sitting
On a branch thin as your eyelash;
Keeping this admirer in a trance:

Six round empty circle mouths open wide,
A golden brown inside
Synchronized in shape and size.
One could die from happiness.
Where does one spy accidentally,
A sacrifice of such degree?

Back and forth, back and forth;
Digging, pulling from the earth
Plump worms worth gold
For six to eat, and she to hold
With saintly patience
Simply to uphold existences
Of six small lives,
Seeing to it that each thrives.

There’s no medal gold enough
To reward this tough exquisite sight.
I send her thanks with all my might.
And blessings for her daily flight.

Mama Blackbird Feeds Her Six 7.31.2021 Love Relationships II; Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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