Wedding Pair There & Here

Wedding Pair There & Here

D’arcy, Daniel, wedding pair:
Kent & I can’t get there,
But we know there’s nothing to compare
With life as two.
Husband/wife: new life as duo.
Hearts and intellects a team:
Dream Team Braunstein!
Duel energy to work together
In all weather
(What could be more relevant!)
Furthering a future you-tual and fruitful.

Daring ‘Greta’ times to come,
Darling both,
Past betrothed to final oath!
May the cloth be comfortable, fit well –
Not just a shell but warm and durable,
Feel secure some fifty years from now.

As you take your vows,
There in the spotlight, we’ll sit here,
Contemplating, maybe meditating;
In three words, “We’ll be there!”
To congratulate in silence!
Maybe raise a glass to say out loud
And sense your presence,
“Mazel tov!”,
(Worlds of luck spilling over!)
(Life filled to the brim)
With patience, kindness, love and wisdom! 💑

Enjoy the day!🎂

WeddingPairHere&There,7.31.2021LoveRelationshipsII; ArleneNoverCorwin

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