A Little Bit Autumnal

A Little Bit Autumnal

August, and a bit too cool.
August, as a rule is summer;
Hot and sunny,
Not too cool and not too rainy.
Not a bad thing, really.
Just a little unexpected.

Can’t complain about the rain.
July had been a bit too dry.
Yet something’s odd,
When God and Nature play their tricks,
The logic nix,
Something you and I can’t fix.
Known only to their subtle laws
Of what is cause and what effects.

Meanwhile, just today I wore
A denim jacket (short and torn),
However, but, and still, it’s light;
No cloud in sight.
Something’s’ right
And something’s let us say, off beam.
(though sunbeams are their always-same.

Autumn in an August
Has an underwhelming feel.
Not stealing in But stealing from;
the norm,
Requiring unexpected forms of
Adaptation. integration, transformation…
Getting used to… and in short, education.

A Little Bit Autumnal 8.2.2021Circling Round Nature II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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