The -ness Of Being Alone

The -ness Of Being Alone
(a meditative scribble)

How do you experience
The -ness of group-less-ness?
Abandonment, loneliness, deserted-ness?
Separation, isolation, bleak, forlorn?
On your own and all alone?

Do you miss togetherness?
Are you distressed?
This -ness a many layered dress;
An instance that depends on
Who and how you are conformed.

All that hangs on clinging and dependency
Subtracts from life’s good quality.
So, to get the upper hand,
To make it permanent, at ease and pleased
In whatsoever state you’re placed –
That’s the riddle to be solved.

One suspects the answer lies in love.
Relief, belief, faith’s grasp of life,
For life is brief) and time the thief;
How you paddle, straddle grief;
The puzzle in the construct of the day’s long schedule.
Aloneness, in your nowness can be peaceful.
With the unforeseeable agreeable and valuable.

Become yourself;
A temple who can marvel at the incorporeal
Your Self, a jewel incorporeal, eternal:
All of this and more, the essence
And the -ness of your aloneness.

The -Ness Of Your Aloneness; 8.9.2021 Circling Round Experience; Circling Round Everything II; I Is Always You Is We; Arlene Nover Corwin

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