Everything There Is

Everything There Is
Everything there is,
Is collage – college too:
Always something new
to learn;
Concrete, abstract;
Truth in fact;
Expressed or heard;
What hasn’t even come to word,
But felt or sensed
With power, essence, even
Non-sense; if it is, it really is:
Fireworks, rocks, open cracks;
No hoax, but truly paradox;
Though absent of some sound or ring,
Even silence is a thing.
Writer sitting in the sun
Absorbed in silent meditation,
Feeling she is soul with body,
Not just body with a soul;
Following the urge of reason
To explain this mystic kingpin
Of a brain that shares the air
As something everyone needs everywhere;
A creed-less ‘something’ of awareness.
Feeling this is not a caper
Running in for pen and paper,
To approach the something
That makes up the things that make up everything;
To end with:
Even nothing gives you something.
Everything There Is 6.26.2021 Circling Round Everything II; Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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