Origins & Energies

Origins & Energies:

(A Spiritual Examination, Kind Of)

A spatial conduit: paper for the people;
What it feels like to stop the wandering
With both skill and understanding –
Or just faith.
Of all the cosmic mysteries God’s is the most:
The force of forces hard to boast about.
Yet principles remain.
Laws that work, laws that stain;
Ones for good and ones for not…
Why is all, and why at all?
The question key: Why are we?
What theory is satisfactory –
Completely tuned its melody?
What banged the big bang in the first place,
To take first place in the guesstimate
Round genesis and universe mysterious?

Scientists, non-theists, men of faith
All breathe the air of Earth;
Some with aptitudes for questioning,
Some with nothing but acceoting;
All this challenging and captivating
To those who have need to know
The meaning of this show.
Origins&Energies 8.14.2021 To The Child Mystic II; Circling Round Everything II; God Book II;

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