I Watch You Sleep

I’d been reading an article on sleep problems. Everything grist to the poetic mill.

 I Watch You Sleep

As you sleep, my love, I watch.
Restlessness, (not at your best);
Dreams that show you being chased;
Trying to defend yourself;
Kicking, jumping, hitting walls;
Anything and all,
Including falling on the floor.
You snore, you gasp or choke.
You don’t attack –
Are you attacked and fighting back?
You turn and toss,
You make a noise.
Of course you dream.
What is the oh, so frenzied theme?
You do not seem to know when asked.
Have you been taken oft’ to task?
You’re sensitive to light, I know.
You eat at night before you go
And creep to sleep.
(It can’t be good, but
I’m no pundit).
You’re not stressed, depressed,
You have no failing business,
Life’s no mess.
I hear you talk, speak, chat
The vocalising un-discernible.
Perhaps you’ve need to urinate.
Perhaps there’s pain unbearable.
Who knows?
Where e’er the wind blows
I’ll be there – aware.
I Watch You Sleep 8.20.2021 Circling Round Experience; Love Relationships II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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