Why Do ‘Tanbans’ Treat Women So?

Why Do ‘Tanbans’ Treat Women So?

They screw them without wooing them;
Kill to still them.
Where, the law of love
Which rises far above religion?
Where lies godliness
In all of this?
Where tenderness
To those less strong, who have less chance?
Those who bore with birth’s endurance
Man’s inherent manliness?
Deeds like these show not a tear;
One might assume they’re done from fear.
Women who, forbidden to
Perform, appear
Alone or publicly and more…
One draws assumptions simple as:
“We hate, reject, do not respect you!”
We do all within our power
To devour
And destroy
Because you are our slavish toy,
And born a boy,
Do what we can when grown a man
To paralyse, despise the sighs, ignore the cries
Of womanhood,
Pretending that it’s right and good,
For man ‘protects’ the ‘weaker’ sex.”
My God! My God! My God! What God?

Why Do Tanbans treat Women So? 8.22.2021 Our Times, Our Culture II;Arlene Nover Corwin

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