Every Living Thing Loves Life

Every Living Thing Loves Life

(I’m sure I’ve written ‘bout this ‘fore)

Mantra for today:
A thought for ligament and vein;
One to tattoo onto brain,
Its narrowest of wrinkles:
Every living thing loves life!
Each barnacle, the trivial, the sexual, the ritual:
Living’s problematic riddles.

Any being that has breath
Holds onto breath, abhorring death:
The fly on window, snake, mosquito;
Forms whose unexpected, sweet bravado,
Push through every rushing flow
Around, past rock, the log and stone.

Stock up on phrase’s potency;
A source of empathy;
A symphony of sympathy –
For every living thing that thrives
Loves energies that energize.
Days suffused with thrusting drives.
Every Living Thing Loves Life 8.23.2021 Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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