How Do You Describe Happiness?

How Do You Describe Happiness?

Describing happiness:
Not with synonyms; short, general,
But solid, concrete: palpable;
Dynamic and a joy-cum-bliss;

But what is bliss, this so-called prize?
A placid heart behaviorized;
Not acting out with needs to shout;
Sensed pleasure beyond measured treasure;.
What might normally feel neutral feeling viable, achievable;
Pains lessened, trusting more,
Love, affection at each door.

Choosing foods that boost the moods,
Decreasing stress, the daily mess;
Hormones functioning for gladness;
Comfortable with life unclad;

More responsive, more creative,
More yourself, your inner native.
Fewer frowns through ups and downs;
Grateful, hopeful, all a core and source of awe.
Bodies living/dead give meaning,
Things per se have meaning too.
You inhabited by virtue,
Filled with purpose, gain or loss
Showing who is who
And who’s the boss.

Creating meaning, giving same
To those who’ll carry on the chain…
Does it explain, do justice to
This abstract place called happiness?
In ordinary daily practice,
Present, living paradise
An ordinary yes will do.

How do You Describe Happiness? 8.25.2021 Nature Of & In Reality;Pure Nakedness II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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