Circling Round Exactness

Circling Round Exactness

It isn’t easy
To be
Not in speech or thought or word.
For we are herd-dependent,
Also self-sufficient, self-contained,
A zillion factors leaving us to be
An influenceable non-seeing being.

So it’s crucial that we are
Meticulous, particular,
Taking care in talk and thought,
Clear in seeking what we ought,
So that decades tasted are not wasted,
Un-fulfilled, attaining nought.

To realize the self, make real said self’s,
The ‘real deal’ of life’s goal,
The real deal of it all.
And so, to realize the facts of truth,
One learns by bits and pieces
To be mindful, vigilant, exact, for ‘youth,
Is wasted on the young’”**,
On deeds undone or over-done.
On views received,
On news believed:
False, wasteful, oft’ distasteful, shaved or thieved.

Nature’s forces are intact.
They’ve made a pact with God to be so.
Laws and principles the more so, also.

Earth will circle round the sun;
Moon will circle round the earth.
Comets will be on the run
Laws of being have their girth –
All things exactly as should be:
Inch by each inch and orderly.
All life’s riches
Circling round exactness and dependability.

Circling Round Exactness 8.27.2021 Circling Round Reality
***Georege Bernare Shaw

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