The Art Of The Moment Is The Art Of Action

The Art Of The Moment Is The Art Of Action

Every thought and input manifests
In phases which are nothing but unending strings:
Arrivals taking hold and fading
Into further fading phases of infinity.

Each moment is a point in time;
A phase, a prime, a moving on.
We know each has a consequence,
A value, weight, a rigorous exactness;
Is… and then is not.
It has no right,
It has no wrong,
Belongs instead to ever’s now,
Each ‘now’ that came before;
Particular, distinct and major.

In the structured maths of physics, moment is
“a ‘turning point’ produced by force upon an object from a distance”
Perhaps a law that bears on life,
The ‘object’ always near at hand(s).
A qualitative difference in
Living for or living in the moment;
When we say “It was momentous”
We give moment stature,
For then ‘moment’’s nature has a bearing on the future.
Can you catch a moment’s suture?
By focusing on every juncture of your day.
Let us say, moment’s art is the larger part
Of living, in the movement of one’s focussed best.

The Art Of The Moment 8.27.2021Circling Round Time II; Circling Round Experience; The Art Of Exactness; Arlene Nover Corwin

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