Autumnal Signs: Waning August

Autumnal Signs: Waning August 

Autumnal signs, but still it’s summer:
Metaphor for growing old;
Metaphor ‘fore growing old.
One more day and it’s September.
Not exactly worth reminding, but
Each passing takes away the doubt
That all things end and all thing start;
With variation’s cause effect
The part effect:
The art of nature.

Yesterday was summer warm:
Bees still swarming,
Butterflies of different genera (‘genus’ the singular)
Surprisingly abundant everywhere.
Dragonflies (my favourite)
Flitting, sitting for a second, off again!
Have they evolved? They seemed to’ve grown!
Then of course, I picked some lingon.
(berries mostly found in Sweden).
Hand held bucket filled three times,
Climbs o’er stump and cone and shrub
Stubbing knees, avoiding trees of every sort.
But I got the spoils, the loot!

Days still long and light, but losing
Minute minutes every night;
An autumnal signal;
Partial but a sure credential to be trusted.
Summer’s busted!
(But todays’ still bright.)

Autumnal Signs: Waning August 8.31.2021 Natire Of & In Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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