What Is Needed Now

    What Is Needed Now

What is needed now is purity.
Always been. Some called it sin,
(Though not at all my choice of noun.)
Not just cleanliness but honesty, morality, nobility, integrity;
Maybe most of all: a piety;
A subtle kind of spotlessness;
The ultimate security: goodness through and through.
A difficult idea that. (it was and is for me).
When I look back
I understand the lack of qualities
That sneak into the daily -nesses of one’s life.
Part choice, part tendency,
Both to be unseated, superseded
In some way that has to do with consciousness,
New ways of thinking, practice and replacement.

Acceptance automatic, without logic and result
(An insult to intelligence)
Is not purity by definition.
Hard explained: a pain, a blessing.
Needful of some kind of faith (to keep on going).

All that you can do is find a method,
Recollect – and do it!
Aim, a goal, a constant practice
Till your days are over.
Think it over: purity.
Needed at the moment more than ever.

What Is Needed Now 9.2.2021 the processes: Creative, Thinking Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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