When I Paint My Face

  When I Paint My Face

When I paint my face,
Of course there is Sir Vanity, an Influencer;
But soon it becomes an art endeavour,
Harmonizng colors, shapes,
Shadowing in subtle ways
In places that need emphasis.

Formed anew…a thousand subtle things to do.
Eyebrows lifted, darkened, thinned;
Cheekbones tinted, muted, shined;
All a chance to play with balance,
Symmetry a goal primary.

When the whole thing’s done,
The look accomplished, satisfied
The thing that’s been diminished
Is the vanity.
What’s left is dignity, belief
In one’s ability and creativity –
The face a place to play with.

All things hang together .
That’s the point.
To change a vice to virtue, makeup an anointing.
The space that is a face become a project’s objectivity.
These are key:
Painting the face does not erase one single frailty.
It can be made to have a function,
Change the vanity to unction.
Vanity to modesty
Perhaps, even humility.

When I Paint My Face 9.4.2021 Pure Nakedness II; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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