Climates Change, While…

Climates Change, While…

Rains in torrents,
Great volcanoes.
Heat waves,
Droughts and sea waves…
Changes happening in slow advances.
All one’s chances of survival –
Choices, treasures, pleasures,
All the measures of success
Erased, erasing.
Sacred scriptures writ, collected,
Are they, are they all correct?
Perhaps if we can just stop f—k—g,
Stop increasing, mucking up
The global figures;
Stop expanding and collecting!
Can we slow it down, at least,
This bestial-lc self-corrupting?
Let us pray and let us try;
Love our selves and planet nobly.
Life is worth it.
Earth, its tiny girth worth troubling,
Doubly working on the effort.
Climates Change, While…9.22.2021Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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