Your Duty To Survive

Your Duty To Survive

We cling to life.
The ship goes down,
We struggle to get through, hold on, hold out;
It’s more than merely sticking round.
We want to last, endure;
Live longer than statistical years before us.
Though a workaday experience
We sense it is a benediction,
Though we know not why.
We live in spite of difficulty,
For ‘gainst all odds there’s life and breath,
Choice of path,
The wonderful phenomenon of faith.

Could these be accidental?
We want works, our families,
Our worlds enhanced, advanced.
Why this endurance,
This one chance at one more day?
You give the answer,
(for it’s you who have it).
Your Duty To Survive 10.2.2021 Circling Round Everything II; Arlene Nover Corwin


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