When I Woke This Morning

When I Woke This Morning

When I woke this morning
I was glad to be awake.
Glad to be awake just for the sake of it,
Take the energy available
And do a thing of two with it.
When I woke this morning
It was great!

Yesterday was different.
It was something I’d not felt before;
No elation,
Just a bag of I-dont-have-a-word-for…
Depression? A deflation?
Couldn’t find a meaning or a motivation.

It’s the meds I’ve had to take, I’m sure,
Since my mild heart attack, poor me!
I had to use the tools acquired
After eighty something years of living, sieving.
I can’t let myself be mired in that state once more.
It opens doors I never want unbarred.

Energy; a memory capacity of day before – and day before.
Cheerfulness, optimism, looking forwards…
That is what the mornings should consist of:
Playfulness cavorting;
Nothing less than rest and love.
When I Woke this Morning 10.7.2021 Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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