I hope this doesn’t feel too preachy. It suddenly feels like survival and a ‘must’ to express.


Water without salt;
Our ‘allt’*
In the headlines nowadays.
(It was once brushed away)
Salt-free water in abundance,
( it was once)
Disappearing without end.

With no water there to borrow for tomorrow,
Or to lend to lands who’s sorrow
Is the higher,
One can’t help but ponder:
Five/six oceans in abundance,
One can’t help but wonder;
There’s technology to rearrange
The molecules from salt to fresh;
Why not use this prize of promise
To de-salenize, desalinate?
It’s not too late

With no excuse
To use expense as the excuse.
You do not have to be a fool
To guess that greed’s the tool that rules
the roost.
As Greta said so daringly, “how dare you!”
Make cost alibi!
The earth is on its way to die,
And you who have the funds deny
The planet of a key:
Water, saline free!
What more can one mortal say?
Water 8.13.2021 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin
*allt’ Swedish: everything

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