If we agree that life is change, I’ve changed,
Details of details noted, acted ‘pon,
Pausing, hesitation gone.
Much less youthful, much more truthful;
Tears from sensitivity;
Nature’s metamorphic beauty;
Cruelty, the climate, oil,TV;
And so I eat less meat, salt, sweets…
Not mine but world events –
The ones that make no sense;
Patterns universal, shift of fears…
Leaders and their prejudices.
Not much there to cheer about.
We are so easily caught up in it,
This composite of merge and split.

Nothing new, and yet we act as if there’s fact,
Attracting and enacting contacts and so on…
The reason?
Every new generation,
Points of view, new born,
Experience nil, none had, seen, done.
So it goes on; change and new fashion.

Poetess and thinker I, give warning to
The tiny readership called you.
Nothing stays the same or stays in time.
There is no more to say this rhyme.
There is no more than change.
Embrace it.

Change 10.10.2021 Circling Round Everything II;; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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