The Good Leader, Or No One’s Perfect

The Good Leader or, No One Is Perfect

The one who leads is he or she who’s
Modest, willing to concede,
Recede, all without the need
To be involved as ego
But concerned that others grow.
A sense of humour never hurts.
It doesn’t disconcert but generates relationship
That animates and stimulates,
Culminating in a healthier result for all,
Reverberating off each wall.

The leader ought to want the best for all involved.
Earned, or learned?
Perhaps it comes with years,
Since all roads lead to Rome.
Let us assume it zooms in
On the meaning of ‘to lead’
The creed of knowledge, care
And love in sharing.

Leader has no leading urge,
But dominates by listening
With some sharp instinctive ear and surge
That doesn’t judge, yet judges right
Not in the short but long run.
(S)he has insight, knows (s)he’s not the sun
But brightens by a presence.
It is something most around can sense;
No Mensa member, for intelligence
Has many faces, many facets like a diamond
Or a passion with soft-heartedness.
A soft sell that goes well
(Truth to tell)
Most of the time.
The Good Leader 10.15.2018/10.15.2021 Revelations Big & Small; Arlene Nover Corwin

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